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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Small living!

Do you have any ideas for organizing a small living space maybe using items you already have in the home or items that can be purchased very inexpensively (with a minimum budget)?

here are some things I've learned:
1) Declutter, declutter, declutter, I repeat, declutter - We all have more stuff than we need. If you don't love it and use it, get rid of it. Stick to the basic essentials. It will make it much easier to clean, much easier to organize, much easier to live. One of the major advantages to living in a small space is that you can't have very much stuff. The more space you have, the easier it is to accumulate. So, small homes force me to keep things pared down!

2) Break the rules, sometimes - Just because a cupboard is in the bathroom doesn't mean you must only store bathroom items in it. One of our bathroom shelves houses extra kitchen items and cloth napkins. Another of our bathroom cupboards is designated for extra paper products - plates, napkins, plasticware, etc. Our bedroom closet is home to much more than clothes and shoes ..... craft and sewing supplies, suitcases, special heirlooms, and more. Go through your home and determine where your extra space is and then designate items needing space to have their place there - no matter where it is. (Obviously, you can't just designate a spot, you also have to train yourself to put the item back in the spot after you use it, but designating a spot usually goes a long way for me to actually putting it back!).

3) Think high and low - Clean out of extra storage space? What about storing certain items on the tops of bookshelves, or the tops of your kitchen cupboards, if you have space there. What about under the hang-up clothes in your closet, under your dresser, or under your bed?

4) Hang up your clothes - I've found that it takes much less space to hang up clothes than to store them in drawers. By doing so, we can get by with only one dresser for all of us. Plus, the clothes stay less wrinkled.

That's just a small start - there's so much which could be said on this subject. Would others like to share what has worked for them?

What are some of your ideas!

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Julie Avery said...

Under the beds! Use bed raisers to give more USABLE storage under your beds. Just google it to see where you can find them the cheapest. They can be as cheap as 3.99 but commonly found around $6 ea. You usually only need 4. - they have great prices and you get $5 off your first purchase of $50 or more.
Check out the blog on that site cute!

Common things to store under the bed are...
Food Storage, Soda, Water Bottles, TP & PTowels, Extra Blankets & Pillows, Toys.
My tip for under kid beds:
In the hard to reach areas- store things that you don't regularly access like winter clothes. In the front where kids can reach- you can store toys that they love but don't use daily in a box or a bin – that seems more sensible than in the closet right?!
My son has 3 boxes under his bed where he can reach: trains, books, and misc. toys. Behind those boxes I have bins with more storage. *I use bins so they are easier to pull out from the back of the bed and it keeps me organized.

If you think about it...raising every bed in your house by about 6 inches...3 or 4 beds...that will feel like you've added an entire closet! Yea for hidden storage!