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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eye Spy Bags

I have made tons of these. I make mine like a log cabin quilt. I make 2 sizes. For the small ones, the clear center is 5 1/2 inches square. The sides are strips 3 " wide. I take one of the long strips and sew it right sides together to one of the sides of the clear vinyl. Start by cutting out your clear, heavy vinyl (I purchased mine at Wal-Mart. It is made for tablecloths.) For the large one:1 piece vinyl cut to 5 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inchesStrips of flannel cut 3 inches wide (I just cut off the sides as Isew)
For the Small one:1 piece of vinyl cut to 4 1/2 inches x 4/1/2 inchesStrips of flannel cut 2 inches wide.

Right sides together, sew one strip of flannel to 2 sides of the vinyl. I USE A 1/2 INCHES SEAM. I WANT TO MAKE SURE IT IS SECURE. Cut off excess vinyl. Open seams and finger press. Now add flannel to other 2 sides of vinyl and fabric. You will end up with a square with the vinyl in the middle. Finger press fabric and stitch around vinyl opening to secure--don't want those little balls to escape! If you are adding ribbon in the seams, baste it down to the top side seam now. If you are doing an eyelet, do it after you have sewn the 2 sides together. Cut backing same size as the top, sew top and backing, right sides together. Leave a small opening for turning. Turn, attach eyelet if desired, add *pellets and small items. Although you could hand close, I personally like to sew it on the machine--again for safety and security.

I have done the tag in two ways. You can add a piece of ribbon in between the last step and sew it right in the seam . I have also added an eyelet in the corner after I have finished the pouch. Just be sure that the eyelet is in strongly and cannot be pulled out. I have sometimes sewn a zig zag stitch from corner to corner underneath the eyelet to make sure that none of the little pellets get out.I put tons of things in mine. Some ideas: Try looking in the button section at Michaels, etc. They have buttons and then tiny things that are probably for scrapbooking. Also some of the confetti that you put on tables are fun. They are small and hard to find. I also go to the dollar store and get doll shoes, clothes, jewelry. Wal-Mart carries things for baby showers like diaper pins, bottles, etc. Tiny mirrors are available at craft stores.

BeadsButtonsDinosaursCarsTrucksFlowersScissorsWiggle eyePaper clipMoney (penny, dime, nickel)Rubber bandsStarsHeartsRibbonSnowflakesRingDoll shoesEarringsBouncing ballSnakeSpace shipMarbleBasketballBaseballFootballSoccer ballLettersSmiley faceSea shellJingle bellBeePuzzle pieceAntPom pomMirrorUmbrellaButterflyCatDogDog boneFishFish skeletonBalloonPurseBaby bottleDoveGhostPumpkinWitchLady butTeddy bearMittenStockingFlagArmy manLegoLemon sliceHippoGiraffeElephantBaby rattlePeace signCannonStrawMonkeyChickenClothes pin (look in the craft section for the tiny ones)AppleOrangeBugSpiderGold button, red button, silver button, etc.UmbrellaSpace shipLionZebraPenguinHandSafety pinMooseSun glassesDog pawYou can also copy and paste small things into a program and them laminate them. I love doing this to personalize it--try a picture of them, a family picture, CTR, picture of Jesus, what about each of the apostles, Their name, "H" "A" "N" N" "A" "H" (each on a different square. Put a Book of Mormon sticker on a piece of paper and laminate it, cut it out.WOW you could go way over board. I am in the process of making one for our granddaughter now that is out of Sesame street material with Elmo and friends in it. It is really cute. She is now into Dora, so I guess I will have to include her also.

From Other Contributors:
Religious "I Spy"Use items found in the scriptures, church history, etc.. For example: a dime (tithing), a seed, a CTR ring, a tie tack, a picture of Christ, a picture of Joseph Smith, a picture of President Hinckley, a red pencil, stickers, a toy anchor, an angel, a boat, Noah's ark items.
Look through scriptures for more ideas! If made in pillow form (bottles are a bit noisy!) It could be used during sacrament meeting!

I have not attempted this project yet but I am so excited to. SOON! I found these instructions on a website given to me from Lissa Rogers. Thanks Lissa you are the best!


The Gargalis family said...

Luke totally loves these. We share them in church with kids sitting behind or in front of us-trade toys to keep them happy. Everyone always asks where we got the I-Spy bags from and I say my mom made them. They are super cute. I haven't attempted myself, but if you know how to sew, I'm sure anyone could do this.

The Gargalis family said...

My mom just sent me this link for gospel I SPy bags.