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Friday, July 25, 2008

line upon line

When I was little, my mom taught me a lesson that was passed down from her mother who was taught the lesson from her mother (and so on, I'm sure) of the importance of thank you notes.

When my great-grandmother would send us a gift, we were told that we would never receive one again if we did not promptly send a thank you note to her...she wasn't lying. Ask me...I should know!

As I've grown older, I've gotten worse at sending these cards, but I really think that with these fun cards by Line Upon Line Greeting Cards that you won't be able to stop me from sending them to everyone I know!!!

Here are some of my favorites (go to their website for more great cards):

Front: I think Cheerios under the car seat should count as a 72-hour Kit.

Inside: You're such a good mom

Front: Families are Forever

Inside: I hope you like your in-laws

Front: Thank you for the delicious meal.

Inside: Glad we could help you rotate your food storage.

Front: You are so talented.

Inside: Will you do that for me for free?

Front: Got Casserole?

Inside: Thank you for nourishing and strengthening our bodies, and doing us the good we need.



1 comment:

Clint, Natalie, and Lucas said...

Those are really funny!!! I have never been good about sending thank you cards. I wrote you one for my baby girl gift...but it might be sitting on my counter still. :P